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Bible Verses

Collection of short, relevant, and poignant Biblical verses presented for daily prayerfulness and contemplation.

Inspirational Verses

Bible verses that will inspire through simplicity, truth, and eternality.


Healing Verses

Bible verses about finding the source of healing of the body, mind, and soul.


Forgiveness Verses

Bible verses about forgiveness and the virtues of forgiving not only friends but enemies.


Friendship Verses

Bible verses about friendship, its beauty, and trials and tribulations of it.


Love Verses

Bible verses about love and its power of bringing people together.


Family Verses

Bible verses about family, its importance and how it provides strength.


Marriage Verses

Bible verses about marriage, its importance, and how it unites a man and a woman.


Encouraging Verses

Bible verses that will help encourage you when you need that extra push to keep going.


Strength Verses

Bible verses about strength which will inspire you to draw strength from God's word.


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Biblical Resources

The Christian Cross

The simple form of the cross has evolved into a variety of shapes created by different Christians sects and denominations. The types of crosses have sprung from traditions, and individualities of each of these Christian sects representing the same ultimate belief and truth.

The Christian Cross

Christian Symbols

Learn about the most common Christian symbols, and from whence each symbol came to be. The list includes the most common which are universally recognizable, and some which may not be familiar even to those who consider themselves devout Christians.

Christian Symbols

Orders of Angels

Find out about the nine different types of heavenly angels created by God, and each of their responsibilities and their relationship with not only God but also humanity.

Orders of Angels

The Rosary

A rosary is the necklace-like string of knots or beads which is used to pray the rosary. The beads/knots help keep track of the components of the prayer that is uttered.

The Rosary