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Privacy Policy

Below you will find the details of the privacy policy for This information is intended as a general guide as to how this website utilizes analytics and personal information to provide services information.

Non Personally Identifiable Information

As part of operating the site and learning about the use of this site by visitors, analytics software is used to track user behavior in an anonymous fashion. The data collected is not personally identifiable and is only used in aggregate.

Additionally, there are advertisements which are displayed the pages of this website, which may collect similar information to the analytics software, but also incorporate tracking information from third parties to serve more relevant ads.

Personally Identifiable Information

If visitors decide to get in touch with us through email, and provide information regarding their person, the information will only be used to fulfill any request made by that communication. This information may be retrained for some period depending on the type of information provided. Emails are always kept on file, but no unsolicited communication is sent out to users.

If you have questions about privacy on, please feel free to contact the site at