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Book of 2 Corinthians - Chapter 9 - Verse 7

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.


This verse emphasizes the importance of giving with a cheerful heart and genuine intention. It reminds readers that each individual should give according to their own convictions and desires, not out of obligation or resentment. The verse suggests that the act of giving should come from a place of pure joy and willingness, rather than being forced or done grudgingly. By giving with a cheerful heart, one is demonstrating their love and gratitude towards God, as generosity is seen as a virtuous and pleasing act in the eyes of God. This verse serves as a reminder that generosity is not just about the amount given, but also about the attitude and intention behind the act of giving. It encourages individuals to give without expecting anything in return, but rather out of pure love and generosity towards others. Ultimately, the verse teaches that true giving comes from the heart and is a reflection of one's faith and devotion to God.

Theological Overview

The theological interpretation of this verse revolves around the concept of giving with a willing heart. It emphasizes the importance of generosity that comes from a sincere and cheerful disposition, rather than from a sense of obligation or reluctance. The verse encourages individuals to give freely and joyfully, as God appreciates those who give with a cheerful spirit. The word "grudgingly" in this context implies giving out of a sense of duty or resentment, while "necessity" suggests giving out of compulsion or pressure. By highlighting the value of cheerful giving, the verse underscores the notion that generosity should stem from a genuine desire to help others and honor God, rather than from external pressures or selfish intentions. Ultimately, the verse conveys the idea that giving should be an act of love and gratitude, reflecting God's own nature as a generous and joyful giver.

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