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Book of Acts - Chapter 1 - Verse 15

And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said, (the number of names together were about an hundred and twenty,)


In this verse, Peter is addressing the disciples after the ascension of Jesus. The mention of the number of names being about a hundred and twenty is significant as it shows the size of the group of followers who were present at this pivotal moment in the early Christian movement. The number suggests that there was a significant community of believers who were devoted to continuing the teachings of Jesus and spreading his message. It also reflects the unity and solidarity among the disciples as they gathered together to figure out their next steps after Jesus' departure. By standing up in the midst of the disciples, Peter takes on a leadership role and begins to lay the foundation for the establishment of the early Christian church. This moment marks the beginning of a new chapter in the disciples' journey, as they prepare to carry on the work that Jesus started during his time on earth.

Theological Overview

When examining the theological interpretation of the verse from Acts 1:15 which mentions Peter standing up in the midst of the disciples, it is crucial to understand the significance of Peter's role within the group of followers of Jesus. Peter, as one of the twelve apostles, held a prominent position among the disciples and played a key role in the early Christian community. His actions and words often carried weight and authority among the group, as evidenced in this particular instance where he addresses the gathering of around 120 individuals.

Furthermore, the mention of the number of names being about a hundred and twenty highlights the significance of community and fellowship within the early Christian church. This group of believers, coming together after Jesus' ascension, demonstrates the importance of unity and solidarity among believers. The numerical value also symbolizes completeness and fullness, signifying the idea that this gathering represents a complete and unified body of followers of Jesus Christ.

Overall, this verse not only sheds light on the leadership of Peter and the unity of the early Christian community but also emphasizes the importance of fellowship and community within the body of believers. It serves as a reminder of the essential role of togetherness and mutual support in the Christian faith.

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