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Book of Colossians - Chapter 3 - Verse 13

Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.


This verse from Colossians 3:13 highlights the importance of forbearance and forgiveness in maintaining harmonious relationships with others. The word "forbearing" here means to patiently endure the faults or offenses of others without retaliation. It emphasizes the need to show tolerance and patience towards those who may have wronged us. The verse goes on to stress the act of forgiveness, encouraging believers to let go of any grudges or past grievances they may hold against others. It draws a parallel between the forgiveness we receive from Christ and the forgiveness we are expected to extend to others. Just as Christ forgave us of our sins, we are called to forgive others in turn. Through this act of forgiveness, we not only reflect the love and mercy of Christ but also experience the freedom and healing that comes from letting go of bitterness and resentment. By following this commandment, believers can foster unity, peace, and reconciliation in their relationships with others.

Theological Overview

The theological interpretation of this verse highlights the importance of forgiveness in the Christian faith. The Greek word used for "forbearing" in this verse is "anechomenoi," which means to endure or bear with someone. This implies a sense of patience and tolerance towards others, even in the face of disagreements or arguments. The word "forgiving" comes from the Greek word "charizomenoi," which means to show favor or grace. This suggests that forgiveness is not just about letting go of past grievances but also about extending grace and mercy to others, just as Christ has done for us. The verse emphasizes the model of forgiveness that Christ has set for believers to follow, urging them to forgive others in the same way they have been forgiven by Him. By choosing to bear with and forgive one another, Christians can reflect the love and forgiveness of Christ in their relationships with others.

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