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Book of Genesis - Chapter 17 - Verse 24

And Abraham was ninety years old and nine, when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.


According to the Bible, in the book of Genesis, Abraham was an important figure in the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The verse stating that Abraham was circumcised at the age of ninety-nine is significant in religious history as it marks the establishment of the covenant between God and Abraham. Circumcision was a physical sign of the covenant and a symbol of the relationship between God and his chosen people. In the context of the biblical narrative, this act of obedience and faith by Abraham is seen as a pivotal moment in his life, demonstrating his commitment to God and his willingness to follow God's commands. This covenant with Abraham is considered foundational in the beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, making this verse a crucial part of understanding the religious history and beliefs of these Abrahamic faiths.

Theological Overview

Abraham's circumcision at the age of ninety-nine is a significant event in the biblical narrative as it marks the establishment of the covenant between God and Abraham. The act of circumcision was a physical sign of this covenant, symbolizing Abraham's dedication and submission to God's will. The theological interpretation of this verse emphasizes the importance of obedience and faith in God's promises. By willingly obeying God's command to be circumcised, Abraham demonstrated his trust in God's plan for his life and for the future of his descendants. The act of circumcision also served as a precursor to the fulfillment of God's promise to make Abraham the father of many nations. Additionally, this verse highlights the concept of sacrifice and commitment in following God's instructions, even when they may seem difficult or challenging. Through Abraham's obedience, he set an example for future generations to trust in God's faithfulness and sovereignty.

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