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Book of Job - Chapter 14 - Verse 3

And dost thou open thine eyes upon such an one, and bringest me into judgment with thee?


This verse is found in the book of Job, where Job is questioning why God has brought judgment upon him. The verse reflects Job's sense of despair and confusion as he grapples with the suffering and trials that he is going through. By asking if God is really paying attention to him and judging him, Job is expressing his frustration and seeking understanding. This verse serves as a reminder of the human experience of questioning God in times of difficulty and hardship.

Theological Overview

In this verse, the speaker questions why God would pay attention to them and involve them in His judgment. The use of the phrase "open thine eyes upon such an one" implies a sense of unworthiness or insignificance on the part of the speaker, as if they are questioning why God would even bother to consider them in His judgment. The idea of being brought into judgment with God carries a weight of accountability and responsibility, as the speaker acknowledges the seriousness of being judged by the Almighty. This verse can lead to theological interpretations about God's omniscience and the concept of divine judgment. It can also prompt reflection on human nature and the feeling of inadequacy in the presence of a righteous and all-knowing God. Word studies on phrases like "open thine eyes" and "bringest me into judgment" can provide deeper insights into the linguistic nuances and cultural context of the verse, enriching our understanding of the speaker's emotions and mindset in this moment of questioning and contemplation.

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