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Book of Job - Chapter 5 - Verse 11

To set up on high those that be low; that those which mourn may be exalted to safety.


This verse emphasizes the transformative power of God to uplift those who are in lowly positions and bring comfort to those who are grieving. By lifting up the humble and comforting the sorrowful, God demonstrates his care and concern for the marginalized and downtrodden in society. The verse speaks to the idea that God's ultimate plan is to exalt those who are oppressed or suffering, offering them safety and security in His divine presence. It emphasizes the compassion and justice of God, who sees the struggles of His people and works to raise them up to a place of honor and security. Ultimately, this verse conveys a message of hope and redemption, promising that those who are in need will not be forgotten or forsaken, but will be exalted to a place of safety and protection in God's kingdom.

Theological Overview

The theological interpretation of this verse highlights a key aspect of God's character: His concern for the marginalized and oppressed. The phrase "To set up on high those that be low" speaks to God's desire to uplift those who are in a state of lowliness or poverty. This can be seen as a reflection of God's mercy and compassion for those who are often overlooked or disregarded in society. The following phrase, "that those which mourn may be exalted to safety," emphasizes God's promise to bring comfort and security to those who are grieving or suffering. In this context, being "exalted to safety" can be understood as being lifted out of a place of distress and into a place of refuge and protection under God's care.

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