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Book of Luke - Chapter 23 - Verse 34

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.


In this verse from the Bible, Jesus is depicted as praying to God, asking for forgiveness for those who are crucifying him. The act of forgiving his persecutors demonstrates Jesus's ultimate love and compassion even in the face of extreme suffering. By asking God to forgive them because "they know not what they do," Jesus shows his deep empathy and understanding of human ignorance and weakness. This act of forgiveness exemplifies Jesus's teachings of turning the other cheek, loving one's enemies, and offering forgiveness unconditionally. Additionally, the mention of the soldiers casting lots for Jesus's clothing reflects the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, symbolizing the fulfillment of God's plan even in the midst of betrayal and cruelty. Overall, this verse serves as a powerful reminder of Jesus's message of forgiveness, love, and redemption for all individuals, regardless of their actions or beliefs.

Theological Overview

This verse, found in the Gospel of Luke, portrays a powerful moment during the crucifixion of Jesus. In this prayer, Jesus demonstrates the ultimate act of forgiveness and love by interceding on behalf of those who were crucifying Him. Despite the pain and suffering He was enduring, Jesus chose to ask the Father to forgive them, recognizing that they did not fully understand the gravity of their actions. This act of forgiveness highlights Jesus' message of love and forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of showing compassion even in the face of great adversity.

The word "raiment" in this verse refers to the clothing worn by Jesus at the time of His crucifixion. The fact that the soldiers cast lots for His clothing after dividing it emphasizes the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, as seen in Psalms 22:18. This theological interpretation underscores the significance of Jesus' sacrificial death, fulfilling the prophecies and serving as the ultimate act of love and redemption for humanity.

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