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Book of Luke - Chapter 9 - Verse 53

And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.


In this verse, it is described how Jesus was not welcomed by a certain group of people because his face seemed set towards Jerusalem. This has a deeper meaning within the context of the Bible. Jerusalem holds a significant place in the Bible as it is the city where Jesus was eventually crucified and resurrected. By indicating that Jesus' face was set towards Jerusalem, it signifies his firm resolve to fulfill his mission on earth, which ultimately leads to his sacrifice and redemption of mankind. The rejection of Jesus because of his intended journey to Jerusalem also reflects the lack of understanding and acceptance of his divine purpose by some people. Despite this rejection, Jesus remains steadfast in his commitment to carry out the work of his Father in heaven. This verse serves as a reminder of the challenges and opposition faced by Jesus during his earthly ministry, highlighting the sacrifices he made for the salvation of humanity.

Theological Overview

When looking at the theological interpretation of the verse where Jesus was not received because his face seemed to be set towards Jerusalem, we can understand that this rejection was more than just based on his physical appearance. The significance of Jesus' direction towards Jerusalem holds great theological meaning. The city of Jerusalem was the central location for Jewish worship and the site of the temple, making it a symbol of divine presence and authority. By heading towards Jerusalem, Jesus was showing his commitment to fulfilling God's plan for salvation, even if it meant facing rejection and death. The people who refused to receive him may have been resistant to this message, as they were not ready to accept Jesus as the sacrificial lamb who would be offered in Jerusalem for the atonement of sins. This theological interpretation highlights the importance of understanding the deeper symbolism behind Jesus' actions and teachings.

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