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Book of Numbers - Chapter 6 - Verse 24

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:


When the verse says "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee," it is conveying a powerful message of divine protection and favor. This verse comes from the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament of the Bible. In this verse, the Lord is invoked to bestow blessings upon and watch over the individual or group being addressed. The word "bless" in this context refers to the act of God imparting his favor, goodness, and prosperity to those he blesses. The word "keep" signifies God's protection, care, and provision for his people. Therefore, this verse is a prayer for both blessings and protection from the Almighty. It is a reminder of God's love and concern for his creation, and a source of comfort and strength for those seeking his help. This verse is often used in prayers and blessings to invoke God's presence and favor in times of need or celebration.

Theological Overview

The verse "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee" is a powerful declaration of God's protection and favor upon His people. In this verse, the word "bless" in Hebrew is "barak," which means to bestow divine favor, prosperity, and success upon someone. It signifies God's desire to pour out His goodness and grace upon His children. The word "keep" in Hebrew is "shamar," which conveys the idea of guarding, protecting, and watching over. It speaks of God's faithfulness in preserving His people from harm and keeping them safe in His care. Together, these words in the verse show that God not only wants to bless His people with His favor but also to actively guard and protect them from all harm and danger. This verse reminds believers of God's faithful care and provision in their lives, assuring them of His constant presence and protection. It serves as a source of encouragement and hope, reminding us that we can trust in God's unfailing love and provision in all circumstances.

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