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Book of Psalms - Chapter 147 - Verse 3

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.


This verse from the book of Psalms speaks to the comforting and healing nature of God towards those who are suffering from emotional wounds or heartache. The term "broken in heart" refers to individuals who are experiencing deep emotional pain or distress, whether from loss, trauma, or other challenges. The verse portrays God as a compassionate and caring figure who heals these wounds and brings comfort to those who are hurting. The imagery of binding up wounds suggests a gentle and nurturing approach to healing, emphasizing God's ability to mend and restore even the most broken and damaged hearts. Through this verse, believers are reminded of God's love and grace, as well as His power to bring healing and restoration to those who are in need.

Theological Overview

In this verse, the concept of healing is not limited to physical ailments but encompasses emotional and spiritual healing as well. The Hebrew word used for "healeth" is "rapha", which means to mend or repair. It signifies God's ability to restore and heal all aspects of a person who is broken in heart. The term "broken in heart" refers to those who are crushed or shattered emotionally, experiencing deep pain or sorrow. God is portrayed as the ultimate healer who not only tends to physical wounds but also provides comfort and restoration to those who are hurting on the inside. The image of binding up wounds conveys the idea of God bringing together and restoring what has been torn or broken. This verse highlights God's compassion and care for those who are suffering, offering hope and healing to those in need.

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