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Book of Psalms - Chapter 38 - Verse 22

Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation.


The verse "Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation." is a plea for immediate aid from the Lord, who is seen as the source of salvation. This verse expresses a sense of urgency and desperation on the part of the speaker, who is seeking divine intervention in times of distress or trouble. By calling on the Lord to act quickly, the speaker is acknowledging their dependence on God's grace and power to deliver them from their troubles. This verse reflects a deep trust in God's ability to provide help and deliverance, even in the most challenging situations. It serves as a reminder of the believer's need to turn to God in times of trouble and to have faith that He will come to their aid swiftly and decisively.

Theological Overview

Psalm 38:22 is a plea for urgent assistance from the Lord. The phrase "Make haste to help me" expresses the urgency and desperation of the psalmist's situation. The word "help" in this context conveys the idea of deliverance and rescue from trouble or danger. The psalmist is calling upon God to act swiftly and decisively on their behalf. The addition of "O Lord my salvation" emphasizes the psalmist's confidence in God as their source of deliverance and ultimate salvation. The word "salvation" here carries the connotation of being saved from harm, destruction, or distress, and points to God as the ultimate source of deliverance and safety. This verse highlights the psalmist's trust in God's ability to intervene and bring about deliverance in times of trouble.

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